Welcome to Focus Systems Engineering.

Focus Systems Engineering is a highly sought-after and experienced engineering firm specialised in electrical and automation technologies, products and services.

Focus Systems Engineering supports energy, mining and manufacturing industries with electrical engineering, control and industrial information management system projects from initiation and design through to commissioning and operations support.

Focus Systems Engineering projects have included embedded, distributed and remote area electricity generation and co-generation, alternative energy technologies, energy related R&D, mining, metals processing and distributed water and energy industry infrastructure.

Key skills include:

  • System conceptual design, including development of Control Philosophies and Functional Specifications
  • Electrical LV, MV, HV system design, protection system design
  • Hazardous area electrical design
  • Specialists in embedded and distributed generation
  • Control systems design, sizing, selection, commissioning and support
  • Information and reporting systems for industrial processes and systems


Focus System Engineering - Values - Accountability


To be accountable for the quality, cost and time management of all our projects.


Focus System Engineering - Values - Collaboration


To work as a team with our Clients, Suppliers, Vendors, Colleagues and our Community to ensure successful project outcomes.


Focus System Engineering - Values - Excellence


To strive for excellence in all that we do.


Focus System Engineering - Values - Integrity


To act with honesty and integrity in all dealings with our Clients, Suppliers, Vendors, Colleagues, the Community and each other.


Focus System Engineering - Values - Innovation


To be willing to seek new ways to complete complex and challenging tasks.


Focus System Engineering - Values - Leadership


To take the lead in best practice Engineering Processes so our clients receive the highest quality of service.